Semi Final Venues

The venues for the following semi-finals, which are due on Sat 13th May, will be decided by the toss of a coin on Tuesday 2nd May at 10.00 in the offices of Anderson Shaw & Gilber[…]

Anderson Shaw & Gilbert

The Camanachd Association is pleased to announce that Anderson Shaw & Gilbert (Solicitors and Estate Agents) in Inverness will be the Match Day sponsors for the MacTavish Cup Final[…]

Throw Up 20.18

Throw Up 20.18 is the the joint project between the Camanachd Association an the Highland Print Studio which will see an artist will work with their selected shinty club and with the help of players[…]

Youth Fixtures Co-ordinator 2017

The Camanachd Association Development Team are looking for a volunteer Youth Fixtures Co-ordinator for the 2017 season. […]

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