Speed Agility Quickness


Speed Agility Quickness (SAQ) Foundation Coaching Certificate in Shinty A 6 hour Practical/Theory course designed to assist any adult (16 years old or over) to coach at First Shinty level and assist at Youth level. Course Fee: £30

Course Descriptor: The purpose of this course is to give coaches a basic understanding of SAQ principles and to be able to design and deliver an SAQ programme, linked to Shinty skills, with a minimum of specialised equipment. The introduction of SAQ training has been proven beneficial in Shinty and is evidenced by improved results from a number of clubs including Newtonmore and Lovat. At the end of the course coaches will be able to design, demonstrate and deliver an SAQ session using basic equipment. They will also be able to analyse and fault correct the movements of their players and design a periodised training plan. Coaches will also be able to deliver a dynamic warm up.

What Is Speed, Agility and Quickness Training? It is a system of progressive exercise and coaching designed to develop basic motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement. The aim is to further develop fundamental movement skills so that they may be integrated into sport, leisure, health and fitness patterns of movement. The system is suitable for children and adults of all levels and abilities and people with Special Needs. The major benefit to this type of training is that while improving player’s movement skills the players enjoy it.

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