UKCC Level 1

UKCC Level 1


A 21 hour course consisting of: a two day Practical/Theory course plus Home Study and an assessment at the candidates Club/School. The course is designed to assist Foundation Certificate Coaches and experienced ‘Shinty’ people to coach at Youth level and assist at Senior level. Course Fee £100 These courses are nationally recognised throughout UK sport as a kite-mark of excellence. For more information on the UKCC please visit The Camanachd Associations coach education programme is supported by SportScotland. Thanks to ongoing investment in the game, UKCC courses can be offered at a subsidised cost. UKCC courses focus on more detailed technical and tactical knowledge and enhanced coaching skills.

The UKCC Level 1 in Coaching (Shinty) is a practical-based course, taught over two days and one evening. It includes opportunities to coach (fellow coaches on the two day course and your own players in the evening club visit) and develop your coaching. The overall aim of this course is to enable you to coach players under some direction, for example from a head coach or coaching co-ordinator.

Is the UKCC Level 1 suitable for me? Due to the focus of the course being you’re coaching delivery skills (how you coach), The Camanachd Association recommends that coaches commences their UKCC qualifications at Level 1. A Camanachd Association Foundation (6 hour) course is also available for new coaches as a lead in. Qualified PE teachers who have attended a Camanachd Association delivered practical course and possess relevant shinty coaching experience can progress directly to UKCC level 2 when it is available.

UKCC Level 1 Course Information

OBJECTIVES On successful completion of the Level 1, candidates should be able to: • demonstrate an ability to safely organise and supervise shinty activities, including small and conditioned games • promote and establish working relationships and high standards of behaviour with players, coaches, parents and officials in the overall development of shinty • demonstrate an understanding of: 1. Generic coaching skills. 2. Shinty specific coaching skills, including Ready Position, Dribbling, Controlling, Passing/Hitting, Tackling (Blocking and Clicking), Shies & support techniques. 3. Coach and player development. 4. Good practice in club management and coaching. 5. Health and safety. 6. Working with parents, attitudes and ethics. 7. Basic rules of the game of shinty. • demonstrate an ability to identify and adapt shinty activities and sessions for a variety of different age group

QUALIFICATION OUTLINE The course operates as a two day central course plus an evening club/school visit. The course is primarily practical based, and you will be given a number of opportunities to coach (fellow coaches and your own players) and develop your coaching throughout the course. UKCC Level 1 sits at Level 1 of the National Qualifications Framework. It is linked to the Sport & Recreation National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS for Sport & Recreation have been developed by people from the industry with a vast range of knowledge and experience. The standards provide a benchmark of good practice for coaches, teachers and instructors. Successful candidates will be awarded SCQF Level 4 Sports Coaching – Shinty by the SQA and will also receive an electronic certificate from the Camanachd Association endorsed by UKCC. The Camanachd Association is the World Governing Body for Shinty and the SQA qualification endorsed by UKCC is the officially recognised qualification.

ASSESSMENT Assessment is competency-based, allowing you to be continually assessed, receive support and action-planning throughout the course. There is also an open book test.

PREREQUISITES Candidates must be 16 years of age or over before they can apply for the qualification. All coaches must provide evidence of having completed the Foundation Coaching Certificate in Shinty or have appropriate shinty experience/knowledge

REGISTRATION PERIOD Candidates will have 12 months from the first day of the course to complete all assessments and candidate achievement record. Individual cases where exceptional circumstances make this not possible will be considered by the Camanachd Association Coaching & Performance Development Manager.

QUALIFICATION VALIDATION The qualification will be valid for four years from the date it is awarded. Coaches can revalidate the qualification by attending CPD opportunities which are provided annually.

Candidates with a disability or special requirements Every effort will be made to facilitate participation in the course and to supply resources in appropriate formats. Please contact Graham Cormack the National Development Manager on 01463 715931 to discuss further.

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