The Camanachd Association came into being on 10th October 1893, at a meeting held in the Victoria Hall, Kingussie.

The people involved in shinty at that time saw that the sport was growing, more clubs were being formed and there was a need for an overall governing body structure. By the time of the meeting in 1893 there were 33 recognised clubs.

As the sport was developing, different rules were being used in different parts of the country. With the exception of the Glasgow Celtic Society, whose shinty competition had begun in 1879, there was no proper organisation to lead the development of the sport. What was needed was a body that could lead the development of shinty across the whole of Scotland. This would ensure that there was one set of rules and provide the framework for organising competitions on a national level. And so the Camanachd Association was formed.

The Association has always had the ability to change to meet the developing needs of the sport and keep itself up-to-date with an appropriate organisational and governance structure. The structure put in place in 1893 met the needs of the sport at that time. By the middle of the 20th century needs were different and a major reorganisation of the administrative and managerial structures was implemented.


The Camanachd Cup

The Macaulay Cup

The MacTavish Cup

The Glasgow Celtic Society Cup

The Balliemore Cup

The Sutherland Cup

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