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South Kintyre First Shinty Festival 2011

Every School in South Kintyre entered the 2011 First Shinty Festival which proved to be a great success. The second South Kintyre First Shinty festival in recent years attracted more than 70 primary school pupils playing for 10 different teams in an action packed day of shinty held at the Victoria halls Campbeltown.

After a three week block of shinty skill sessions in the schools run by the Argyll and Bute Shinty Development team in conjunction with Active-Schools the young pupils put all their newly found skills into good use during the days events.

The teams made from predominately P5 pupils competed excellently throughout the day and did their schools proud by remembering all their shinty skills and by competing in a sporting manner throughout the day. The exciting day concluded with all the players receiving a certificate of attendance to mark the occasion.

Shinty in the area is beginning to take strides with a new after-school club now established being run by local volunteers that have been put through their Foundation Shinty Coaching Certificate. If the enthusiasm from the young players and volunteers in the area can be maintained then shinty in South Kintyre can only continue to grow.

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