Managing Shinty



Equality is about fairness and about ensuring access for all, breaking down barriers and eliminating any form of discrimination, whether direct or indirect. Equality recognises that people in society are not equal, and that unequal distribution of resources, entitlements or effort may be required to reduce existing inequalities and ensure equality of access and opportunity. Equality is good for communities, good for organisations and good for sport. In sport there is an Equality Standard, which is a UK-wide framework that assists sports organisations in achieving equality. There are four levels of accreditation – Foundation, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced, each of which has required outcomes and suggested evidence.

Equality and shinty

In March 2013, the Camanachd Association adopted an updated Equality Policy. This was in line with other governing bodies of sport who have all committed to improving participation and performance. The Camanachd Association initially achieved Foundation level and followed this up in 2015 by achieving the Preliminary level. To view the current policy, please click our 2013 CA Equality Policy. For further information on the Camanachd Association’s policy please call 01463 715931 or email

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