Playing Shinty

How To Become A Player

How To Become A Player

There are opportunities for everyone to play shinty, whatever their age, gender, ability, race, culture or background.

There are different forms of shinty from the small-sided game, such as First Shinty for young children taking their first steps in the game to the hugely popular six-a-side tournaments, to the more traditional 12-a-side senior game (or 10-a-side in the case of women’s shinty).

Young players start out playing First Shinty being introduced to the key skills of the game using rubber headed, flexible camans. As the players progress they are introduced to using the wooden caman and taught the basic skills of blocking to protect themselves and cleeking, or hooking, to prevent their opponent playing the ball.

However you choose to enjoy playing shinty, there are teams across Scotland providing opportunities in an ever increasing number of communities.

For the most talented players, there is a player pathway in place which provides a pyramid of participation identifying the key elements needed in foundation, through participation and performance to drive excellence at the top of the pathway. A player development pathway ensures that players are given the very best opportunities and support to reach their full potential, which at the elite end may mean playing top level shinty and even representing Scotland at many levels from Under 16 to adult for both men and women

It’s never too late to start playing Shinty.

Contact a club near you, or if you would like some more advice contact the Camanachd Association.

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