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Role of Match Officials

Role of Match Officials

Role of the referee

As in other sports where there is a referee or umpire, the role of the person in charge of the game is to make sure the rules of play are applied, to record when goals are scored and to formally note who has won the match. The excellent referee is a person who commands the respect of players by being firm and fair, and whose presence supports the flow of the match rather than getting in the way of it. Good refereeing is a highly developed skill. For more information click here

Shinty like all similar sports has difficulty in attracting enough officials. However The Camanachd Association working in partnership with the Camanachd Referees Association are developing a comprehensive support package that will make refereeing more attractive. Refereeing is such an important role in any sport and being able to referee well is a rewarding way to contribute to the future of the game.

The Camanachd Association and the Camanachd Referees Association, are both keen to ensure that the important role undertaken by match officials including referees is fully recognised and appreciated. Refereeing is open to all

Referee remuneration

Referees receive a £30 match fee plus a 40p per mile travel allowance and games can be allocated on a local basis to fit with availability throughout the season. Both the Camanachd Association and Referees Association provide ongoing individual support and mentoring of new officials throughout the season, plus a programme of relevant training and development workshops.

As a first step towards getting involved all you need do is attend a FREE two-hour Foundation Refereeing Course.

For further information on becoming a referee contact Graham Cormack, Coaching & Performance Development Manager, on 01463 715931 or email

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