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Covid 19 - Live guidance


Please refer to the updated Return to Shinty Tiered Guidance and the subsequent support documents for further information. Currently the guidance is to stay at home and follow government guidance which is reflected and referenced in our Return to Shinty Guidance document below. 

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  • Information from Mycro regarding hygiene guidelines for Helmets/Faceguards.   
  • No sharing of Helmets/Faceguards within sessions and they should be cleaned after each session.
  • Cleaning with Anti-Bacterial sprays and wipes. Mycro use Flash Spray which dries quickly. (Other similar brands are available!) 
  • Mycro have been advised that the virus is not able to live beyond 72 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please continue to follow Scottish Government information pages for up to date guidance on Coronavirus.

The purpose of the Guidance for Shinty Clubs is to provide a framework of support for our member clubs and associations to interpret Scottish Government Guidance on Coronavirus in relation to our sport. The most important aspect of our route map for shinty is that it is designed to complement the Scottish Government Routemap and also that our first focus is on preparation of our clubs during this phase to ensure we take a careful, gradual and incremental approach to the challenges we face. 

If you have any questions about the above guidance or would like support to work through the club readiness checklist please contact your Regional Development Officer. 

Regional Development Manager (East)   E: ronald.ross@shinty.com   T: 07718630563

Regional Development Officer (North)  E: katie.drain@shinty.com  T: 07834522260

Regional Development Officer (Central)  E: paul.macarthur@shinty.com   T: 07921210179

Regional Development Officer (West)   E: astie.cameron@shinty.com   T: 07912731295

  • Business Interruption Insurance – It may be worth reviewing your insurance policies to check if you qualify for any business interruption insurance.
  • Communication - Establish an online platform that allows your club to hold meetings and maintain a connection with your committee, members and even your wider community. The CA are using ‘Microsoft Teams’ and would welcome clubs utilising a similar platform for continuity however there are a number of platforms. We have also dialled into ‘Zoom’. If you would like support on this or to share some of your clubs work please contact paul.macarthur@shinty.com
  • Data Protection - Shinty clubs are controllers of personal data under data protection law in the same way as Scottish Governing Bodies are and so continuing to ensure compliance during these challenging times will remain important.  Whether clubs are operating remotely or have suspended all activities, maintaining appropriate security measures will remain important to avoid any personal data breaches
  • General Meetings - Clubs may be wondering how to deal with the requirements to convene meetings, during the current coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Most sports clubs will be unincorporated and so the provisions available under the Companies Act 2006 will not apply. Accordingly, clubs will need to consider what is provided for in their constitution regarding general meetings and committee meetings to determine if these can be carried out virtually or if written resolutions can be passed.  If you require any further specific information please advise your Regional Development Officer and we can look at accessing appropriate guidance.  
  • Events - Many events have been cancelled across the country and Shinty clubs will be no different. There has been much discussion on rescheduling sports events, some events have gone ahead on virtual platforms or others have been planned for later in the year when the worst of the epidemic has passed or even into next year. However, not only is rescheduling a sports event difficult, it could raise the question of whether participants would be entitled to receive a refund if they can’t attend the new date. The rights of participants and clubs in relation to cancelled events will depend on the individual terms and conditions. It is hoped both parties will show understanding and embrace creative solutions to overcome potential difficulties.
  • Subscriptions – Shinty clubs just like the Camanachd Association depend on the income generated by the subscription of members to meet their ongoing expenses such as hire of facilities, administration of the sport (and its competitions), cost of equipment and the development of the sport. Similar to most organisations we are considering this topic having already committed expenditure for 2020. We are exploring creative solutions that will protect our sport for the long term and we will be in touch in the coming weeks to advise on this topic further 

Please be assured that we will be working hard and acting in the best interests of our sport, our Clubs and our Members. With your support and our continued commitment to follow government guidance I am sure we will come through this more connected than ever. If you have any questions or suggestions during these uncertain times please as ever do get in touch. 

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