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Shinty Memories

Shinty Memories is a network of groups set up in shinty-playing communities using the sport’s archives and other resources to help people with mental health issues such as dementia and living with issues such as isolation, depression and loneliness.  

If you would like to know more about setting up, joining or helping with Shinty Memory Groups, make a donation to help with costs, or can help supply materials for the memory boxes, please contact your local group, the Camanachd Association, shintymemories@gmail.com or Shinty Memories Scotland on Facebook

You can find some articles about what the Shinty Memories Group has been up to, as well as some resources below: 

Helen Pickles Appointed to Drive Shinty's Role in Compassionate Communities

Shinty Memories Project Touches Lives

Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing Visits Kingussie for a day of Shinty and meets the Shinty Memories team!

Shinty Memories Scotland Innovate During COVID-19 Outbreak

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