2019 Mowi Shinty/Hurling Review

Today two games took place at Abbotstown, Dublin, first Scotland U21s took on Ireland U21s. 

Alan MacRae's U21s went into halftime with a 1-point lead (IRE 12-13 SCO), thanks to goals from Anderson, MacVicar and Blackhall and a point from Findlay MacDonald. The second half was not as closely contested however, Scotland seemed to lose momentum after halftime and Ireland stepped up the pressure. 4 goals from Mark Kehoe really drove home Irelands superiority. Lachie Shaw hit over for a point but that was as good as it got for the Young Team in the 2nd half. Despite the result, it was clear to everyone in the stadium that this was a well drilled hard-working U21 side, there is no doubt many of them will go on to become full internationals in the coming years. 

The rain was falling heavily before the senior match which was preluded by the Camanachd Association staff and players delivering a melancholy rendition of Flower of Scotland surrounded by Irish voices. Thankfully, the shinty outshone the singing and the game got off to a pacey start. Ireland scored half of their total points for the day in the first 5 minutes and had many in the ground fearing this would be the year that the Irish finally won the competition again. It wasn’t to be however, Daniel Cameron scoring a point shortly afterwards seemed to unsettle the Irish. By halftime it was 9-3, Andrew MacCuish and Craig Morrison putting the ball in the back of the net and Bartlett hitting 2 points over the bar. 

It was tables turned with the U21s match, just as the Irish U21s limited our Young Team to a single point in the 2nd half, our seniors returned the favour. Steven MacDonald drove home 6 points in the second half, proving just how wonderfully he can hit a ball when given the chance. Goals came for Bartlett and Roddy MacDonald as well as a second for Morrison. Genini bagged 2 points towards the end of the half and that was all she wrote. Another excellent performance from the Scottish national team. We will only be taking one trophy back to Scotland with us – however, the lessons that both teams have learned will stand them in good stead for the future.  Furthermore, the professionalism that they have shown has been second to none. It would be wrong of us not to mention the coaching staff who tirelessly dedicate their time to help the lads improve, a special mention to Scotland Coach, Garry Reid today who is celebrating his 25th(!) birthday. Scotland National Team Doctor John Wallace thankfully had little to do this afternoon and all players will be returned to their clubs in one piece.


Mowi Hurling Shinty International

Ireland       0 – 4 (4)              Scotland    5 – 11 (26)           Calum Girvan       Paul Divilly 0-1                             Daniel Cameron 0-1

Danny Cullen 0 -1                     Kevin Bartlett 1-2

Cillian Kiely 0 – 1                      Craig Morrison 2-0

Ryan Mullaney 0-1                    Andrew McCuish 1-0

Steven MacDonald 0-6

Roddy MacDonald 1-0

Savio Genini 0-2



Mowi Under 21 Shinty Hurling International

Ireland       7-11 (32)             Scotland    4-2 (14)     Sean Stack

Donal Burke 0 – 2                     Ruaraidh Anderson 2-0

Shane Conway 2 – 6                 Daniel MacVicar 1-0

Barry Mahony 0 – 1                   Innes Blackhall 1-0

James Keyes 0-1                       Findlay MacDonald 0-1

Chris Nolan 0-1                         Lachie Shaw 0-1

Mark Kehoe 4 – 0

Darren Morrisey 1-0

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