Another big day for shinty

After a few months off the women's game was back playing shinty last weekend and this weekend see's the return of the Mowi leagues across the country with the Mowi Premiership, National Division, North and South Divisions 1 and 2. In line with this please find below a short update detailing the Byelaws which have been updated since the end of last season. 

Additionally we want to draw everyone's attention to the important value of 'respect' in the game and to this end we are asking that question in our shinty hour on the 1st March's at 9pm on Twitter. Part of this important value involves respecting the officials, your coaches, your team mates and also the rules and to this end we want to highlight byelaw 1.4.4.a which was updated at the 2017 AGM for implementation in the 2018 season and states that all helmets must be secured with a Chinstrap. This may seem like an obvious rule and an obvious thing to do but it is an important one to ensure that helmets are safe both for the individual player and also their opponents. Helmets are an increasingly important part of shinty and we are delighted to see more and more players choosing to wear helmets and with this step comes a responsibility to ensure the helmet is secured appropriately with a chin strap. 

You will also see in section 3.1.4 of the Updated Disciplinary Procedures that after considering the content of a Special Report, the Discipline Administrator, after consulting with the Chair of the relevant committee, has the option to offer a sanction to a member who has been charged with Misconduct without a meeting of the committee being convened. 

Byelaws Update

1.4.4.a) Securing a Helmet (Updated at 2017 AGM)

  The wearing of helmets by all players is encouraged and following will apply:

  a)  Helmets shall be secured to the head by the use of a chinstrap.

  b)  Helmets and face-guards shall be free of any sharp edges or projections which could cause injury to other players. 

1.18.2   Restriction in number of attempts when taking a hit in. Updated at 2018 AGM

In taking the hit the player shall stand outside the sideline, facing the field of play, with both feet on the ground and in a position square to the sideline. The caman shall be withdrawn directly overhead and at the time of contact both the ball and the caman shall be directly overhead. The player taking the hit will be allowed three throw ups to conclude a hit in. If the player taking the hit misses the ball entirely on all three efforts the opposing team shall be awarded the hit-in. The striker shall not play the ball a second time until it has touched or been played by another player and shall not obstruct or impede such a player attempting to touch or play the ball. No player shall be within 5 yards (5 metres) of the striker when the hit is being taken.

(The interpretation of this byelaw was clarified at the 2018 AGM – The player taking the hit has three efforts to throw the ball up but can only swing once. If the player misses the ball with a swing on any of the three throws the opposing team shall immediately be awarded a hit-in. This clarification and wording will be presented for update at the 2019 AGM)

3.1.7 d)   Request to Reschedule a Fixture

When both Clubs agree and when confirmation is given by the CEO or other delegated authority a match can be brought forward by up to five days or delayed by up to six days from the date of a scheduled Saturday fixture. Agreement will be granted only when there are no impending disciplinary issues and will be at the sole discretion of the CEO or other delegated authority.

3.5.4  Club Withdrawing from a League During the Season

If a club withdraws from the League without fulfilling their fixtures the points and goals scored and conceded from their fulfilled fixtures shall be removed from the league.

3.10.3 National and Area Leagues

b) National Division

Promotion to and Relegation from the National Division 

4.    Should both North Division One and South Division One be won by Reserve Teams the highest placed eligible teams in both divisions will be invited to apply for promotion. If the invitation is declined by both eligible teams then there will be no promotion to or relegation from the National League.  

c) North & South Area Division 1

Promotion to National Division 

3.    If a Reserve Team wins their League, they will not be eligible for promotion to the National Division. If both North Division One and South Division One are won by Reserve Teams the highest placed eligible team in each respective league will be invited to be promoted.  If one club accepts the invitation they shall be promoted. If both clubs accept the invitation to be promoted they shall meet in a play-off match to decide which team will be promoted to the National Division in the following season. This 'play-off match shall take place at the conclusion of the leagues at a neutral venue and shall be played to a finish; i.e. extra-time and a penalty playoff being utilised if necessary.

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