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This has been the most unusual year in the history of Shinty and its development. Despite all the challenges of COVID-19 the Camanachd Association’s Development Team continues to develop strong relationships with the Clubs & Schools within the designated regions. The Team are fully committed to working with and on behalf of members in the promotion and development of shinty across Scotland into 2021. Three members of the CA staff had to be placed on the Furlough Scheme but members of the Development Staff, who are funded as part of the sportscotland grant, volunteered to take on a number of tasks outside their normal skill set. This situation certainly has challenged everyone, but we have gained an even deeper understanding of our colleagues’ work.

Following the initial COVID-19 restrictions the CA staff provided a number of on-line forum and workshop opportunities for Senior Club Leaders, Senior & Youth Coaches, Senior & Youth Match Officials, Club Child Protection Officers and volunteers. Further workshops were held on Health & Wellbeing and Shinty Chaplaincy. The majority of these opportunities were delivered under the ‘MOWI Sports Hour’ initiative. Suggestions for future forums should be passed to your Regional Development Team member. 

As the COVID-19 Phases were negotiated the CA staff provided up to date guidance on the Return to Play process, the development of Risk Assessments and the identification and training of COVID-19 Club Coordinators. Working very closely with their Regional Development Staff member a number of clubs restarted Youth and Senior coaching sessions and some of these arranged friendly fixtures in September and October. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance.

We would like to highlight some of the support we continue to  offer as we optimistically look forward to 2021 and the maximum  participation possible.

  1. The Clubmark Accreditation Scheme continues to provide a clear framework for the Development Team and their Clubs to work through. The Scheme is reviewed and adjusted annually.  Thirty nine Clubs have engaged with 6 progressed to Silver Level: Beauly SC, Lovat SC, Ardnamurchan Cam, Glengarry, Kingussie & Newtonmore. Skye Camanachd are awaiting restart of activities to be able to complete Silver. Fort William have completed Gold. All Clubs have found the process very beneficial in providing a clear understanding of where the Club stands and how it can develop an Action Plan to guide its progress. The Development Team continue to extend invitations to all Clubs who have not engaged yet to do so and Clubs who would like to progress through the Levels. Detailed information on the Club Mark Accreditation Scheme, including Case Studies of engaged Clubs, is available on the website or from the Camanachd Association Development Team.
    1. From April to August weekly ‘MOWI Club Profiles’ were promoted on the CA website. These articles showed how individual Clubs were adjusting during the COVID-19 restrictions. A number of very imaginative and inspiring activities were undertaken to maintain interaction within Clubs.
    2. To aid Clubs & Schools with activities during these difficult times the Development Team produced on-line videos and articles to promote the following initiatives: CA Skills Award Scheme - Youth Sports Trust National School Sport Week at Home – Scottish & Woman in Sport Week – National Sports Network.


  1. We continue to work with a range of partners, including member Clubs, Schools and Associations, sportscotland, UKcoaching, Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA), Skill Development Scotland and Local Authorities, to support the recruitment and development of coaches at all levels throughout the sport.  All activity is guided by the Strategic Plan for Shinty.
  2. The United Kingdom Coaching Certificate (UKCC) Level 1 and 2 qualifications reached the end of their endorsement in 2020 and we are, in partnership with sportscotland, the Coaching Network of Sport Governing Bodies and Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA) revamping the courses. These new Scottish Coaching Certificate qualifications will continue to guarantee that Camanachd Association coaching courses are at least on a par with those delivered by any other sport in the UK. The new Shinty qualifications will be launched in March 2021. In the meantime we are able to offer the interim CA Coaching qualifications which continues to be endorsed by the SQA. Coaching pages. The current courses are a mixture of on-line and practical sessions which will adhere to the appropriate Scottish Government COVID-19 guidelines. This can be delivered for Clubs – Schools – Regional Groups – National Groups
  3. Foundation Coaching courses: 2 x 1 ½ hour on-line Theory sessions + 1 x 3 hour practical session.
  4. CA Level 1 Courses:  3 x 1 ½ hour on-line Theory sessions + Home Study between sessions + 2 x 3 hour practical session + Club/School coaching session.
  5. CA Level 2 Courses:  4 x 1 ½ hour on-line Theory sessions + Home Study between sessions + 2 x 3 hour practical session + Club/School coaching session.

Please contact your Regional Development Team member to register interest.

Coaches Forums & Workshops were delivered at National and Regional level and these will also be continued in the future. If anyone has a topic, they would like discussed please contact your Regional Development Team member.

  1. A range of additional development workshops provided by other partners, e.g. First Aid, Mental Health, Child Protection and Funding, continue to be promoted throughout the year. Additional on-line options will be promoted when available. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance
  2. The CA series of compilation videos continues to be available and will be extended when possible with new examples produced and uploaded to the Camanachd Coaching YouTube channel, these also included videos on rules of the game. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

The CA encourages all clubs and schools to support their Coaches, Officials & Volunteers in their continued development.  Trained personnel will increase participation and improve performance across the sport.

Match Officials:

  1. A Match Officials on-line Workshop was held in May 2020 as part of the ‘MOWI Shinty Hour’
  2. Following this a detailed questionnaire was circulated to all qualified Senior and Youth/University Match Officials. The feedback from this was circulated and the following Groups were established: 

i. Support Groups: Three Area Groups have been formed and initial monthly meeting held
ii. Working Groups: Three groups identified to consider: Rules – Training – Promotion/Recruitment.

Foundation Youth/University/WCA development Referee course. This course has the following aims:

i. Recruitment of past/current players and interested individuals who can assist at this level and potentially move on to Senior Match Officiating

ii. Educating current Youth and Senior players/coaches on the skills and challenges of being a Match Official. This will lead to an improvement in interaction with Match Officials and players
iii. Foundation Youth/University/WCA development Refereeing course: 2 x 1 ½ hour on-line Theory sessions + Home Study + Practical mentoring. 

Foundation Referee Course: This course is for senior match officiating
i. Foundation Coaching courses: 3 x 1 ½ hour on-line Theory sessions + Home Study + Practical mentoring. 

Goal Judge Course: This course is for all levels. 1 1/2 hour on-line Theory session + Home Study + Practical mentoring. 

Any Club, School or individual interested in undertaking any of the available courses should contact their Regional Development Team member.

Club Workshops: A programme of workshops for Club committees continues to be available. Workshops were held in Lovat, Kinlochshiel and Glasgow for clubs in these areas and was very warmly received. Clubs who would like a workshop tailored to their needs should contact their Regional Development Team member.

Direct Club Investment (DCI): Fort William Shinty Club secured funding from Sportscotland’s DCI fund to enable the club to appoint a part-time Club Development Officer over a three-year period. Fort William are the first shinty club to have received DCI funding and we hope other clubs will be successful in the future. The Club have completed the interview process and will be making an appointment in November 2020. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

The comprehensive programme of Youth/Schools league and cup competitions provides the structure for youth involvement and we are committed to rebuilding this with Clubs & Schools in 2021

The ‘School of Shinty’ initiatives at Kingussie High School, Lochaber High School and Oban High School continued until the schools were closed in March. Kingussie High School however reintroduced sessions on the 29th October for 8 weeks. Charleston Academy were on course to join this initiative, but this had to be put on hold. Discussions are now also being held with Ardnamurchan HS. Schools interested in joining are asked to contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance.

Club Child Protection It is a requirement of membership that all clubs have an identified and appropriately qualified Child Protection Officer (CPO’s).  The Camanachd Association continues to work closely with clubs, ensuring that all coaches working with children complete the PVG (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) disclosure application process as part of the ongoing governing body operating requirements. Two on-line update workshops were delivered this year. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

MEDICAL: It is a key part of a Clubs duty of care to have an appropriately trained First Aider with each team, plus a fully stocked first aid kit.

  1. The Camanachd Association is one of the core Sport Governing Bodies in Scotland to signed up to the Scottish Government’s Sport Concussion Guidelines which are available on Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance
  2. Heartstart Camanachd, in association with Lucky2Bhere, are continuing the quest to see every shinty club in Scotland in possession of a Defibrillator and personnel trained in its use. All clubs are encouraged to become involved. We encourage all remaining clubs to consider the benefits to their club and community of having some defibrillator and trained personnel. We would also remind all clubs that have undergone training and have a defibrillator, to ensure they have a designated person responsible for Medical matters and that they are checking the equipment and requirements for new or update training on a regular basis and keeping the Camanachd Association and Lucky2Bhere up to date. Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

Camanachd Association – Health & Wellbeing The Camanachd Association continues to promote its Health & Wellbeing policy. A number of templates and information leaflets are available for clubs.

  1. The CA are looking to identify Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors in all clubs to act as a contact point for information and support. Talks have already been held with Bute, Skye and the English Shinty Association. Any Club who would like to discuss this further should contact their Regional Development Team member. Club Health & Wellbeing Ambassador information is available on the CA website Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance
  1. Shinty Chaplaincy: In association with Sports Chaplaincy Scotland the Camanachd Association continued to develop this project in 2020. The initial pilot at Kyles Athletic Shinty Club has been confirmed and talks are at an advanced stage with Sky Camanachd and GlenUrquhart Shinty Club. Initial discussions have been held with Lovat Shinty Club, Beauly Shinty Club and Kilmallie Shinty Club. Any Club who would like to consider joining the project should contact their Regional Development Team member. Full information is available on the CA website 

Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

  1. Mental Health Awareness: In association with Positive Mental Health Scotland a Mental Health Awareness Workshop has been developed and is available from the CA Development Team who have completed Deliverer training.

PITCHES AND FACILITIES: The Camanachd Association Staff, using the Facilities Strategy, in partnership with sportscotland, have supported a number of club applications for funding. The Strategy is available on

  1. Following the ‘MOWI Conference’ at the end of 2019 a Facilities & Pitches Support Group was established. Most Clubs have provided a contact person for this Group and a Steering Group was formed to encourage interaction and activities. Unfortunately, this has been affected this year with only individual interaction possible, but every effort will be made to develop this in 2021. 

Please contact your Regional Development Team member for assistance

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