Central Scotland Shinty - Aberdour Shinty Camp

Over the summer many clubs across Scotland have taken the opportunity to provide an exciting platform for their members to come together and enjoy a shinty camp focused on skill development. This week Aberdour Shinty Club held their camp which involved 24 young people from Primary 1 through to S2 and they attended 5 hour long sessions each day.

Chairperson Keith Chamberlain said "They’ve really been put through their paces and we ran a theme of taking part in sport in a “Positive learning environment”. Central to this ethos was ensuring that there was an understanding that mistakes happen in sport and the key for all involved was understanding this, learning from this and learning not to blame anybody for mistakes. Team players learn to support each other and got to enjoy this with a smile on their faces.

Keith Chamberlain continued "it was a brilliant three day camp thanks to the hard work and huge effort from everyone involved. A special mention to Lisa MacColl who was outstanding, using her massive experience as an active learner and shinty coach to brilliant effect. For the 4 assistant coaches, watching Lisa was fantastic Continuous Professional Development for us all."

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