NEWS Shinty skills award

CA launch Shinty skills award scheme

The Shinty Skills Award is a way of rewarding children and youth players for developing their appropriate basic Shinty skills to an excellent  level. A range of test results and observed behaviours are monitored by coaching staff to ensure that players are developing all the essential skills for their correct age and stage of learning. The clubs can then reward the young people in whatever way they feel appropriate.

On top of that, and perhaps more importantly, it is an extremely useful tool for coaches, who, by using it, are able to check the progress of their players in terms of learning the basic skills.  This will help them with planning their sessions, as well as highlighting areas of development for their own coaching.

As coaches, we have a responsibility to our players, clubs, and the sport as a whole to aspire to continually improve the coaching that is delivered at club level. This tool will help progressive coaches to develop their own coaching standard, by improving their ability to analyse their players, as well as analyse internally their own coaching ability.

The skills award will be circulated to youth coaches, however, for any further information or support, please contact your relevant regional staff.


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