Edinburgh University, Celtic and Scottish Studies, Departmental seminar series resumes on Friday, January 17.

Image courtesy of University of Aberdeen, Special Collections

Two Alexanders : Macbain and Littlejohn : Gaelic intelligentsia meets philanthropy through shinty in a unique collaboration.

That one of the Gaelic world’s greatest-ever scholars and a significant figure in the world of business and academia should cross paths in Aberdeen in the first decade of the 20th century might not be all that remarkable.  Alexander MacBain’s phenomenal scholarly labours constitute one of Gaelic’s greatest personal legacies. However, MacBain’s erudite contribution to the Littlejohn Album, one of Aberdeen University’s most remarkable assets, is rarely, if ever, referred to in his prodigious output.

Dr Hugh Dan MacLennan of the Academy of Sport, University of Edinburgh will detail the links between Macbain and Alexander Littlejohn, their collaboration and shared interest which led to the production of the beautiful Littlejohn Album.  The serendipity which led to his discovery of a previously unrecorded copy of the Album in 2019 will be explained by Dr MacLennan before depositing it in the National Library of Scotland as part of the Royal Celtic Society’s deposit.


The talk will take place at 1310-1430 in Project Room, No 50 George Square, Edinburgh.



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