Health & Wellbeing: 60 Second Support

This week Health & Wellbeing articles will be released at 14:31 to showcase the support that the CA is offering its member clubs. 

In addition to this, all matches on the first day of the Mowi League season are to start at 14:31 (or 1 minute later for any altered throw-ups). Similar as to what has been seen in other sports, we would encourage all those who attend a game on the opening day of the season to spend that minute talking about Mental Health with those around you. 

There is no reason for mental health to be a taboo subject and yet, it is. It can be difficult to talk to those around you about how you feel, this minute brings mental health to the forefront of the conversation and we hope that all of our members will use this time to check in with one another and ensure that the shinty community continues to support each other in the best possible way, by listening.  

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