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Shinty Club Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors

Shinty prides itself on being a community sport and shinty clubs are at the core of many villages and towns around Scotland. With that position comes a number of responsibilities.

Ahead of the 2020 Mowi League season, the Camanachd Association (CA) would like to work, in partnership with its member clubs and outside agencies, towards creating a positive environment that is inviting to all and which promotes the integration of a healthy sports culture in communities.

To assist with building partnerships the CA would like to encourage Clubs to identify a Club Health & Wellbeing Ambassador.  The role could include some of the following:

·         Awareness of the information available through the CA website

·         Awareness of support groups local to their club

·         Promotion of Health & Wellbeing within the Club and local community.

·         Awareness and promotion of information and training opportunities available to members of the Club and local community

·         Organisation and promotion of Club Health & Wellbeing events/initiatives.


It is important to note that this post is a point of contact for sign posting and organisation and not any professional provision. A support network for those fulfilling the role will be in place.

The CA are committed to promoting Health and Wellbeing in players through its Coach Education and Player Pathway programmes but we have also provided a number of template policies and information documents to support our member clubs and associations with promoting Health and Wellbeing in everyone.





These include Fitness – Nutrition – Hydration – First Aid – Concussion - Alcohol & Drugs, Smoking – Mental Health – Anti-Bullying– Community activity. One of the highest profile aspects of health and wellbeing, Mental Health, has recently been covered in half time features of televised Shinty matches. The CA also organised a Mental Health Awareness workshop recently which was delivered by Positive Mental Health Scotland. It is planned to develop a workshop that can be delivered at Clubs by the CA Development Team.

The Camanachd Association also are developing links with Regional Support Groups:

NHS Highland Public Health Directorate:

·         Screening Engagement

·         Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol

Highland Alcohol & Drugs Partnership

Argyll & Bute Alcohol & Drugs Partnership

Glasgow Alcohol & Drugs Partnership

Scottish Government Anti-Drugs Partnership

The Camanachd Association, in partnership with Sports Chaplaincy Scotland and Kyles Athletic ran a Pilot project in 2019 for the Shinty Chaplaincy programme. The role of club chaplains is to help, support and encourage everyone connected with a sports club and they are available to people of all faiths and no faith. Following the review of the 2019 pilot an invitation to apply to join the initiative has been circulated to all clubs in 2020.

The Camanachd Association also became a signatory of Scotland's Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity in Sport in June 2018. The Charter is a Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) initiative and is also available on our website.

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