Helmets: Youth & Senior - New Bye Laws

YOUTH Only - Not Seniors

As the Youth Season gets underway we would like to confirm the changes made to Bye Law 4 in November last year. We would particularly draw peoples attention to the 1st July 2018 application.

Any helmet worn by persons eligible to play within the U-17 Level shall be certified as fit for purpose. The Camanachd Association approved Mycro helmet and faceguard, which is recommended to all clubs, meets the requirements of European Council Directive 89/686/EEC “Personal Protective Equipment” Article 10. Any helmet used shall meet similar standards and the faceguard shall be specifically designed such that it prevents the passage of a struck shinty ball or swung caman through the guard.

If a referee identifies that a faceguard worn by a child or young person(by design or modification) allows the passage of a struck ball or swung caman, he/she shall be obliged to bar the individual from taking part in the match unless a suitable alternative helmet/faceguard combination can be provided.

Note: All youth clubs are to be encouraged to make provisions to comply with this Byelaw for the start of season 2018. However, in recognition of the difficulties which may be experienced in transitioning existing equipment to meet the required faceguard standard, the byelaw will not be rigorously applied until the 1st July 2018. 

SENIOR Only - Not Youth

At the CA AGM in November Bye Law 1.4.4 was adjusted

1.4.4 Helmets must conform to the following standard: 

The wearing of helmets by all players is encouraged and the following will apply:

a. Helmets shall be secured to the head by the use of a chinstrap.

b. Helmets and face-guards shall be free of any sharp edges or projections which could cause injury to other players. 

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