Laura Gallacher and Carolann Innes sit down with the WCA

Women's final day this Saturday

In preparation for the Mowi Challenge Cup, we sat down with Laura Gallagher, Lovat Captain and Carolann Innes captain of Inverness.

How has the journey to the final been? 

 LG: I think we’ve done well on our journey to the final and deserve our place in it this year. We had a few tough draws with meeting fort William in the first round coming out winners of a very close game winning 2-1 and then meeting Kinlochsheil in the quarter final to go on to beating them 7-2. And then knocking out Lochaber in the semi’s winning 17-1. So, we are hoping to carry on with our winning streak

CI: The journey has been good; we’ve enjoyed competing in every match whether it’s been home or away and played against some great teams.

 How confident are you ahead of the final?

 CI: As confident as can be expected, we will be classed as the underdogs but will give it our all as we do in any match

 LG: After seeing inverness’s performance in this final last year, we know it’s going to be a tight game and could go either way. We as a whole unit have been working very hard towards the big game so I feel confident that if we all perform as well as we know we can on the day we should get the result that we want! 

 What do you think about the opposition? What kind of challenge will they represent?

 LG: Inverness are proving to be a strong side with lots of fit young players. They have been doing well in the league and performed very well in last year’s final. And therefore, I think they will prove to be a tough and competitive challenge for us. 

 CI: Lovat are an extremely good team; they are currently top of North Division 2 and we will go in there with full respect. We won’t dwell on past results, it’s a Cup Final anything can happen.

 Are you willing to be daring and predict a score for the final? 

 LG: I wouldn’t like to predict a final score. I think it will be close but hoping that we come out as winners. 

 CI: Wouldn’t like to put a number on it, but reckon it will be pretty close

 How do you think you can beat a strong opposition side? 

CI: In recent weeks we have had some good results so we just have to play as we have been, as a team and see what happens on the day

LG: If we all put in a good shift, communicate and work as a team I think we should stand a good chance. We’ve played in this final in 2016 so most of us know what it feels like. We have a few new players who have been doing well for us this season and who are more than up for this game. We are all very much looking forward to the game and we aim to give it 110%. 

What can you do to go one better than last year’s disappointing defeat?

CI: Win! ;)


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