Match Assessors Recruitment

Match Assessors are recruited from experienced positive thinking members of the shinty community.


Each Match Assessor will cover games within an agreed Area and will be the eyes and ears of the sport to help encourage improved standards from all involved including Match Officials, Coaches/Managers, Club Officials and Supporters.

By becoming a Match Assessor you will help mould and develop closer interaction between these key groups in shinty and contribute to identifying the best ways of improving performance.

Match Assessors will encourage balanced credible feedback information through the appropriate forms and will gauge performances against the CA Codes of Conduct. This will ensure a high level of evidence is gathered to drive up the standards of the great sport of Shinty

This is a major opportunity to become involved in shaping the future of Shinty

For further details please contact Graham Cormack the National Development Manager if you would like to volunteer or make nominations.

Travel expenses will be paid and a training/briefing session for those selected as Match Assessors will be held prior to the start of the season.

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