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How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?


So far, we haven’t had any reports of injuries although three of our first team have unfortunately been reported missing. Apparently, they were last seen setting out on a quest for packets of self-raising flour so we’re hoping when we return to action that wins won’t be as elusive as the home baking efforts. Keeping our young ‘uns engaged is a priority. However, parents tell us getting them out of bed before midday is a bigger challenge – but we’ll keep at it. Thankfully, our coaches have designed training programmes for all our players at senior men/women and youth level. When we resume, we’ve convinced ourselves we’ll be as fit as possible – and our post-match baking will be to die for.

Club Members:

A big shout out to our wider membership, particularly the partners and family of our players. They’ve had to put up with our lot undertaking a variety of activities, many of which have involved rolled-up socks, toilet paper and avoiding items of furniture. Several video-clips have been posted on social media as evidence, but to date we’re reliably informed no law enforcement intervention is required. Yet.   


We would like to acknowledge our massive gratitude to all our sponsors at this challenging time for business. At the outset of lockdown, we approached our sponsors to discuss options and it is humbling to report that every one of them elected to continue with their support of the club. We are delighted to showcase our sponsors throughout the wider shinty community: 




As the only senior shinty club in Fife, Aberdour SC was founded in 2001. Investing in local youth at an early age, it was with tremendous pride that we not only won the WCA Valerie Fraser Cup in 2012 but the Mowi South Division 1 title in 2019. We have already attained the Foundation Level CA Club Accreditation and continue to work toward Bronze level. Assuming everyone clears passport control at Pitlochry and Arrochar, we look forward to welcoming all our shinty friends in the not too distant future. Mind and wash your hands though…. 



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