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Fort William Shinty Club.

MOWI Shinty Club Profile 

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How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?   

Players: Our players are spending their time lovingly re-acquainting themselves with their wives, girlfriends (one even decided to get engaged after being locked up with his girlfriend for a month ..did he have any choice?!) and children, all of whom reckon this is the best shinty season ever, apart from the family of Bobby Lugs, who say it is hell listening to his unrelenting banter 24/7. Players have swapped their camans for gardening tools and our Club Player of the Year 2020 will be decided on the basis of who has the best garden.

Club Members: The Lockdown has hit our Members particularly hard, as so many are dodging becoming part of the Shinty Memories Project. Billy Goode has put spies out to warn if John MacKenzie or Hugh Dan are approaching. 

Sponsors: Very good, because they have been given a year off paying anything.

Club: The grass has never been in better condition. George MacKay has no one to shout at for playing shinty on it.

Admin:  Progress here, insofar as with nothing else to do, we have secured a £10,000 grant from Highland Council to compensate for the lack of income. Our application to the 3rd Sector Resilience Fund has just been refused, but we are looking at re-applying.

Our application for DCI Funding for a part time Shinty Development Officer has been granted for a 3-year period. This is defo down to Ronald and Gary Reid, big thank you guys. We are holding back our Ad for the post until the schools go back. No way we would have got this if we had not persevered with the Clubmark Accreditation Scheme up to Gold Level. That was also down to Ronald and Graham Cormack, thanks again for that. 

Fort William Shinty Club Chairman Duncan MacPhee receives the Camanachd Association Club Mark Gold Certificate from Ronald Ross the CA Regional Development Manager and Garry Reid the sportscotland North Lead Manager.

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