MOWI Club Profile: Glen Urquhart Shinty Club

How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?

Truthfully it is quite hard to do this. They have been encouraged to keep themselves fit in their daily exercise period and the Team Managers have kept in contact. However, both of them are, like many others, furloughed at this time and with child care duties taking up a major role in their lives the fact is, given we are a village where this virus has appeared, that shinty has had to be kept in perspective


The players are keeping in contact with each other via social media- and from time to time the sound of a shinty ball can be heard against a shed or gable wall in the village. The younger players are taking their exercise in the form of runs or mountain-bike excursions.

We have also posted a light-hearted video show casing the shinty skills of some of our younger players with Ladies Coach Jim Barr  acting as a referee.

Club Members: 

The Committee have kept in touch via Zoom- and the main office-bearers have continued to carry out their prescribed duties. The Club website is updated and team pictures with quiz questions have been on a regular basis to retain engagement and sponsors logos have been highlighted to fulfil our obligations to them in as much as we can.

The other news is the “Keeping out of the D” blog has been reinvigorated: whether that helps promote morale remains to be seen.


Just before the lockdown we presented to the Drumnadrochit Care Centre a cheque for £1350 to enhance the experiences of the senior citizens who make use of this facility. This was money we raised for them at Christmas. In lockdown we have not formally organised to volunteer as a Club though individuals may well have. The known presence of the virus in the village however has shaped our response. 


Our sponsors are nothing short of fantastic, their support is essential to the club and they play a key part in the success and future of the club. We are fortunate to have a great many sponsors, too many to name them all here, but please visit the club website to view our sponsors and take some time to click on the sponsor logos and follow the links to see what they do. I have included a very small selection of our key sponsors below.

The club always tries to provide a great return to our sponsors through our various platforms, pitch side boards, and more importantly now that the sport is suspended, through our website and social media. We try to update these as much as possible to encourage regular usage and increase the profile of our many sponsors.


Founded in 1884, the Club is based at Blairbeg Park, Drumnadrochit. Winners of the Macaulay Cup in 2012 and the MacTavish Cup in 2015 , the Club currently competes in the MOWI National Division. It currently fields both Men’s and Women’s Teams at all levels as well as teams at Under17 and Under 14 level.

The Club has completed the Camanachd Association Club Mark Scheme Silver Award Level and is working towards the Gold Level.

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