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Glengarry Shinty Club

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Glengarry Shinty Club     

How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?

Out with the Covid-19 situation, the Club has also been dealing with the loss of a stalwart, in Catherine Cameron, we therefore, collectively took time out of the sport to focus on our families, loved ones and teammates/friends and we are all collectively together and supporting one another.

As a club within a very small rural community, we are exceptionally grateful that a large number of our members are still able to work during lockdown.  The importance of employment in our area is paramount to keeping the Club going and therefore we are, as always, supportive of our players/members making work their priority.

We have also taken the opportunity to carry out some socially distanced facility maintenance.  We have also been working towards the Club Accreditation Silver Level Award, with some great assistance from Ronald and hope that we should have this completed in a number of weeks.  In addition to this, we have been  fortunate to be able to utilise the great online training & seminars being offered by Sportscotland via Scottish Curling, in which we have been engaging in Child Wellbeing & Protection in Sport seminars and soon to be undertaking Child Protection Officer Training. 

As we now begin the process of lockdown easing, we will start to review our options with regards to training and the feasibility of shinty in 2020.  The key factor being the health and safety of our and all players and this must be paramount when or if the Camanachd Association issue guidelines as to how we go about a return, as we not only take Covid-19 into consideration but also, issues such as employment and family responsibilities, due to the nature of our sport, with the risk of injury, which could potentially force players to be off work for longer, as a Club, we feel the CA must take this in to consideration.

Like many other Clubs, we completely appreciate that, in these challenging times, our members need to support themselves and their families and Shinty may take a back foot for some. 


Our community has responded well to the situation, within days the 3 Glens Resilience Group was set up and is being led by a very coordinated group and a few of our members are aiding their tremendous work by volunteering.  As a small community, we are all individually supporting and assisting friends & neighbours be that via collecting messages or just a friendly chat on the phone.


As always, we are indebted to our main sponsors, Culachy Estate & A N Fraser Joinery and all our other financial supporters.  We had extensive fundraising planned for 2020, however, these plans have been put on hold as we appreciate the social economic issues make this an inappropriate option.


The first 6 months of 2020 have seen the Club face adversity in ways that we had never planned or prepared for, however, we will come through this and whilst, we are a shinty club, we have realised through these times that “shinty” is not the most important fundamental in our club, it is the togetherness and strength we all individually bring to one another.  Whilst we all want to get back to playing Shinty, these strange times have also taught us that the strength of a club cannot always be measured on a pitch. 

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