MOWI Club Profile: Strathspey Camanachd Club

Strathspey Camanachd Club

How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?

Players: Players in the female team are keeping in contact, we have all participated in a 5k challenge together and completed the Keepy-up challenge set by the WCA. The male players have been keeping in contact on FB and been participating on Strava to keep fitness up. 

Club Members: Club members are working hard behind the scenes to build on the foundations already in place, so that the club is in a good position heading in to 2021. The new committee have held regular zoom meetings and have set in place smaller sub working groups to work on different aspects of the club such as sponsorship, coaching, facilities, equipment and social media promotion. 

We are working closely with Sportscotland and the Camanachd Association exploring the possibility of Direct Club Investment (DCI) funding for the club which will enable the club to employ a part-time Development Officer for a 4-year term. We are currently in the process of completing the application form and updating our Club Development Plan. The Club are also currently exploring a number of finding opportunities to support their DCI application.

Community: We have engaged with the community, by keeping them up to date on the goings on via social media. We also have a window in the town which we have been able to put things up in to interact with the community, it acts also as an only shop, allowing people to log in an order club clothing.

Sponsors: Many of our sponsors have closed for the lockdown period. However, as they are gradually re-opening the club is supporting them by helping with social media posts and promoting their businesses. 

We have two grants affected – one from the Statkraft: Berry Burn Wind Farm which was for pitch fees in the 2020 season. Statkraft: Berry Burn have allowed us to use this next year instead for the 2021 season. 

The second grant is for the purchase of new camans. This purchase we delayed due to the pandemic and the grant (Foundation Scotland) was due to end at the beginning of June 2020. Foundation Scotland have allowed us to extend the grant so we can end it when the purchase is complete. 

Club: The club are working hard and using this time wisely to put infrastructure in place to help the club grow and develop in the years to come.

We are currently working on a new fundraising lottery which should roll out before the end of the year and also in communication with the local scout hut to move our equipment to that venue when restrictions allow. 

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