MOWI Shinty Club Profile: Badenoch Ladies

Badenoch Ladies

MOWI Shinty Club Profile 

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How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?

Players: The players are never short of ideas for keeping busy  -  weekly Zoom quizzes, amateur film making, the Keepie-Uppies video, home baking and making ice-cream has become the order of the day! There has been a bit of fitness too, with the players joining forces with Kingussie to take part in the Strava Fitness programme. Also, they have also been taking part in the WCA initiatives. Motivating each other to stay active on Whatsapp has been a benefit. 

Community: Many of the players are very involved in the community initiative called OneKingussie. The main activity of this is to deliver food and prescriptions to vulnerable members of the community who are staying at home (initially for twelve weeks).  

Sponsors: The two generous strip sponsors both made their contributions at the start of 2020, and they will be given a free season so their payments will also cover 2021.

ClubThe Club has recently started a Second Team which consists mainly of under-18 players, so the Club is using the time to write a code of conduct for players and to work on a Development Plan. The Club is also using the time to work on improving their Club Mark Scheme accreditation and to look in to which pitches the squads will use for training and matches in the long-term. The Club has been represented on all three of the 1 hour Shinty conference calls on Wednesday evenings.

Indoor end-of-season sports Day for the whole Club in December 2020 at the Badenoch Centre, Kingussie.

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