MOWI Shinty Club Profile: Lovat SC

MOWI Shinty Club Profile: Lovat SC

MOWI Shinty Club Profile 

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How are the Club responding to the current serious challenging situation?

“The club understands the situation everyone is currently in and realise that they have a big role to play in the community. The club has responded well and is doing as much as it can to keep everyone involved and together in this time.”

Players: Similar to a lot of clubs around the country we have started, and are having success with, our Strava group which is used to encourage players, members, former players and the wider community to maintain their daily exercise routine.  We are in the process of opening the Strava group out to our primary and junior members to join via their parents so that they can be encouraged to exercise and feel part of the team. 

It’s a great way for the players to keep in touch and motivate each other. It also gives the members the chance to feel included in the team. Weekly challenges are posted to keep it engaging.

Club Members: We have really enjoyed seeing and sharing some of the old photographs we have. This has led to us sharing them on our Lovat Shinty Club Facebook page. We have also been keeping up with our shinty lottery, which again, keeps the community involved.

Community: The club has offered its assistance within the community but this will be developed further if there is anything more we can do. 

Sponsors: Sponsorship is very important to the running of the club. The first team are sponsored by Bubble & Goose Catering, whilst the reserve team are sponsored by CDMM, and the Ladies are currently supported by Stoddart Crane Hire.

Further to team sponsorship, advertising boards are located around the pitch which have been taken up by a variety of local businesses

Club: The Club have achieved the CA Club Mark Accreditation Foundation and Bronze Levels and are working towards the Silver Level in 2020.

The club was founded in 1888 and has a long history in the sport and indeed in the area. In 1953 and in 2015 the club won the sport’s most prestigious competition, the Camanachd Cup. Balgate Park, Kiltarlity has long been home to the Lovat team.

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