MOWI SHINTY HOUR: Health & Wellbeing report

Health & Wellbeing ‘Shinty Hour’. Sponsored by MOWI

Wednesday 20th May. 6.00pm – Microsoft Teams


“A first class meeting this evening which highlighted the importance of health and wellbeing throughout the shinty community. Every club should be encouraged to embrace the nascent CA Health and Wellbeing Ambassador Strategy supported by the Sports Chaplaincy Programme. At these challenging times, the requirement is real and the programme invaluable.”

Quote after the meeting by Aberdour Shinty Club President Keith Chamberlain


Fifteen people attended the meeting and were welcomed by National Development Manager Graham Cormack (GC), thanked for the time and skills they volunteer to the sport of Shinty, and taken through the technical set up for the meeting.

GC also acknowledged the long-term support of sponsors MOWI to the sport and to the Shinty Hour series and outlined the purpose of the meeting: 

The following Agenda was worked through. (Presentation)

  • Camanachd Association overview. GC outlined the developments and activities that have been undertaken by the Camanachd Association and plans for the future. Full details are available on the website by following the identified links

It is hoped that some people who attend these workshops may wish to progress to an NHS Mental Health First Aider course. This would be arranged by the CA and PMHS.

  • Shinty Chaplaincy overview: Mark Fleming of Sports Chaplaincy Scotland outlined what has been developed in other sports and what was piloted in 2019 at Kyles Athletic.
  • Positive Metal Health overview:
    • Mark Fleming in his second role of Director with Positive Mental Health Scotland outlined the services they provide and the developments that had been made in partnership with the CA.
    • Niamh Donnelly who works in the NHS and is the Health & Wellbeing coordinator on the Women’s Camanachd Association committee outlined the activities being introduced and planned. Details are available on the WCA Facebook
    • Q&A: Mark clarified the information on NHS courses that can be progressed onto.
  • Actions & Developments: In addition to the questions asked by people throughout the meeting a number of comments were made on how important these subjects are particularly in relation to the current COVID-19 challenges.  
  • Information links: In presentation
  • Future Topics: GC outlined what future sessions were planned and under consideration. If anyone had suggestions for topics, they were asked to contact GC.

If any club would like to discuss the introduction of Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors, Shinty Chaplains, or any Health & Wellbeing topics they were asked to contact GC. 

GC thanked everyone for their valuable and positive input, wished everyone well and again highlighted the sponsorship of MOWI

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