New Board Members for the Camanachd Association

The Camanachd Association are pleased to announce the co-option of two new board members. 

Councillor John Finlayson from the Isle of Skye and Lyndsey Bradley a Head Teacher in Ardnamurchan were officially welcomed to the Camanachd Association board in January. Keith Loades, President of the Camanachd Association said " he was delighted to welcome John and Lyndsey to the Camanachd Association board. They both bring a huge amount of experience and are sure to add value to an already experienced Board"

Lyndsey Bradley

A Head Teacher in Ardnamurchan for the past eleven years, Lyndsey got involved with youth shinty initially before moving into ladies shinty. Lyndsey is now coach and manager for the Primary teams in her school and the three ladies teams in Ardnamurchan while also playing in goal for the National 1 squad. On top of this Lyndsey also continues to help out with the U14 and U17s.

Lyndsey said she is "delighted to have been asked to join the CA board and hope that my experience in Women’s and Youth shinty, especially sustaining numbers and opportunities in our remote area will be of help to the board. Looking forward to learning more about how the Camanachd Association works"

John Finlayson

A member of the Skye Camanachd squad that won the Camanachd Cup in 1990, John Finlayson played shinty for Skye Camanachd from the age of 15 and also for Glasgow University for 5 years. John later went on to manage the Skye Team, for 2 years in the nineties.

John Finlayson said "I was a HT for 30 years and in all my schools I promoted shinty and supported parents and community members to take ownership of shinty coaching for primary school aged pupils. This approach latterly led to sustainable structures being in place which were led by parents and community members and during my time at my last school, Portree Primary, this community ethos enabled the school to win both the Mackay Cup and the National First Shinty Trophy, on several occasions."

"As someone who sees shinty as essentially a community based sport which offers youngsters a pathway into senior sport and the chance to play at a national level for one’s local community, I am keen to give something back to a sport that gave me so many opportunities and enabled me to make numerous friends across all parts of Scotland."

"Shinty and its history has the potential to offer people of all ages, enjoyment of different kinds and hopefully in some small way, I can contribute to its development going forward."

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