While we are unable to train under the current restrictions, our staff are now back in office and keen to support your club remotely to ensure we are all ready to hit the ground running when guidance allows. Along these lines we are literally planning to hit the ground running and are inviting anyone that wants to engage in a New Year Challenge to join us and the shinty community to raise awareness for the work of the Scottish Association of Mental Health. We are attempting ‘5K a day’ but your challenge can be unique to your own interests and capacity be that a 5 minute walk, couch to 5K, 15 minutes on a bike or 5 miles a day.

Our objective is to enhance our mental wellbeing (following government guidance) during lockdown by getting ourselves more active and encouraging those around us to get involved to. We would love others to join us and help raise awareness. You can join the strava group here where we are hoping to track our total mileage – . We have set a target of Barcelona which is completely dependent on some others joining up so we need your help and your milage but even if we only reach Carlisle we will have collectively been more active as a result.

Alongside this we will be raising funds for the Scottish Association of Mental Health who we will be sharing information on throughout the month of lockdown. There is no obligation to join us in fundraising but you are very welcome to do so. Details can be found here:

If for whatever reason you are unable to join Strava or donate then we simply ask you to share this news article on your social media to help us get as many people active and involved as possible.

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