Online Consultation - Draft Strategy for Shinty 2017 -2023

Over the past 12 weeks a formal consultation process has been facilitated by the Camanachd Association to develop a plan for shinty that reflects the needs of shinty clubs and associations. The objective was to gather the thoughts and direction of our members, clubs, affiliate organisations, staff, board and partner organisations in order to develop a plan that reflects the aims and ambitions of all involved in shinty.

This is the first draft of that Strategic Plan for shinty and covers the six-year period from November 2017- 2023. It is presented here in draft form for public consultation. 

Strategy for Shinty 2017 - 2023 (Draft)

The consultation period runs from 18th – 31st October, and we want to encourage anyone with an interest in Shinty to read the draft plan and provide comments by answering the questions detailed below.

Following the open consultation, the Plan will be edited, and then submitted to the Board of the Camanachd Association for approval in November 2017. Once approval is received the Strategic Plan for Shinty will be published on our website and promoted accordingly.

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