Respect in Shinty

Saturday 2nd March welcomes for the very first time a full card of MOWI league fixtures in Shinty. On behalf of all our member clubs and associations we would like to thank our title sponsor Mowi (Supreme Salmon since 1964 - Formerly Marine Harvest) for their continued support in our game.

We cannot wait for the season to start however the work hasn't stopped in the off season both for the Camanachd Association and the many hundreds of volunteers in clubs and associations across the country as we organise ourselves for the start of the new season. 

Many of our shinty clubs in Scotland now have action plans detailing a clear club vision, key priorities and some important club values that set the tone and standards in their club. One such value that repeatedly comes up is respect. This value (respect) is something that shinty demonstrates on a daily basis through the people that make our sport possible. Respect is something that can add value and sustain those that participate, officiate and volunteer within our game. At the same time a lack of respect in any context can have a detrimental impact on those very same people.

With this in mind we are profiling what respect means in our sport over the next few weeks starting with Under 21 Scotland International and Kingussie Camanachd player Rory MacKeachan. 

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