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In the lead up to this weekends International games we caught up with some of the Scotland Team and asked them to answer a few questions.

First up is Newtonmore and Scotland's Glen MacKintosh (see if you can spot him in the photo) 

What are your first memories of playing shinty?

First memories are obviously primary school and playing with friends at the local park and on top of the golf course, its where the seniors use to train and the younger ones were always there! 

Who was your first role model when you were younger and why?

First role model would of been my brother, he always took me to the Eilan where we would spend hours just hitting about & practicing the basics! 

What does it mean to you to play for Scotland?

Its great getting the chance to play for Scotland, such an honor to be selected when you see how many cracking players there are out there! But the main thing is the socialising and getting the chance to mix with other players.

What advice would you give to younger players who are maybe on the fringes of a senior team?

To younger players out there its just about putting in the hard work and training every week, if you want to make the top and be the best it wont just happen! Looking at our own youngsters, they are training every week and putting in the work which shows how well we have done as a club this year! 

Remember you can still purchase earlybird trickets to Saturdays event. Just follow the link;

Thanks Glen....oh and for those wondering, in the photo, Glen is the one on the far right in the wooly hat! 


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