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Continuing with the lead up to this weekends International games we caught up with some of the Scotland Team and asked them to answer a few questions.

Next up is Kinlochshiel and Scotland's Finlay Macrae (see if you can spot him in the photo) 

What are your first memories of playing shinty?

Getting taught to block by my bigger brother Paul and playing outside my house in Ratagan with brothers and friends, where an off target shot meant a trip into the bramble bushes.

Who was your first role model when you were younger and why?

Earliest memory’s of a player that was great to watch was “Chitty MacRae”. Then when I started playing senior shinty with the second team I learnt a lot from “Johnny Doonsie MacRae” when the team was going through a rough patch and had to go down to one team.

What does it mean to you to play for Scotland?

Its a great feeling and it makes me very proud to be selected. Makes me feel that hard work pays off and is a great way to end the season.

What advice would you give to younger players who are maybe on the fringes of a senior team?

Always show commitment and try to train harder than everyone else. If you do that then when you get your chance, it won’t pass you by.

Remember you can still purchase earlybird tickets to Saturdays event. Just follow the link;

Thanks Finlay....oh and for those who can't work it out, Finlay is the one in the front row, bottom left. 

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