South Lanarkshire Open Meeting - 28th August 2019.

Scotland’s most historic sport prospers in South Lanarkshire

Despite being an historically underrepresented area of Scotland in terms of playing shinty, South Lanarkshire schools are taking the first step down the path towards building a prosperous shinty community. Lee Thompson of Uddingston Grammar School, introduced shinty to the school, since which it has had an incredible level of participation. With shinty fever spreading through the school like wildfire, Uddingston have since been able to develop a boy’s and girl’s side. Camanachd Regional Development Officer, Paul MacArthur, has recently been working in conjunction with other schools in the area, in order to aid the growth of shinty all across South Lanarkshire. Calderglen High School has now introduced shinty to their curriculum for all S1 & S2 pupils.

By developing an effective conveyor belt of talent through schools there is hope that there will soon be a new club formed in South Lanarkshire. This will require a team of willing volunteers, to set up and help to run the club, and we are looking for anyone who is willing or able to lend a hand.

An open meeting is to be held at Uddingston Grammar School on Wednesday the 28th August at 6pm. If you are interested in being involved with the club, no matter how small a contribution you think you can make, please come along to the meeting, or get in touch with RDO Paul MacArthur, on the details below.

Regional Development Officer, Paul MacArthur said, “Uddingston Grammar is one of Shinty’s recent success stories, and due to the amount of players coming through the School, there is real need for a full club to be set up. This will give current players a place to play beyond their School years, as well as help us to expand the sport within the South Lanarkshire area. I would urge anyone in the area who has any interest in assisting with the set up of a new club, to either come along to the open meeting, or get in touch with me direct, for an informal chat.”

Paul MacArthur, Regional Development Officer – 07921210179

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