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The sportscotland monthly communication themes help to raise the profile of work in specific areas.

 April’s theme is Changing lives through sport and we will kick off the month (April 1) with our monthly Twitter chat, #SportHour, where we will ask a variety of questions around this topic for the sporting community to answer.

We would appreciate it if your hubs and associated clubs would get involved and help share the work you are doing, as many of the programmes and projects you run are doing just that - changing people’s lives.

We believe everyone benefits from sport and physical activity. We want to make sport more accessible for people who don’t take part, we want people to progress to the level they choose, and importantly we want to create wider benefits in areas such as health, education, communities and economy.


Below are the six questions that we will be asking on the night

9.00pm - Q1. How do you think sport contributes to developing skills that help prepare people for life, learning and work?

9.10pm - Q2. Where have you seen people benefit from programmes that get inactive people more active?

9.20pm - Q3. Tell us about examples you’ve seen where sport has been used as a tool to build stronger communities?

9.30pm - Q4. How would you like to see sport being used even more in your area to change people’s lives?

9.40pm - Q5. What’s the importance of partnerships in changing lives through sport? Do you have any good examples?

9.50pm - Q6. How has your life been positively affected by sport or physical activity?

When is it?

We will be LIVE with the next #SportHour from 9-10pm on Monday 1 April 2019.

How does it work?

It's a Twitter chat we run from our sportscotland Twitter account, which you can follow using the hashtag #SportHour. The aim is to discuss different aspects of sport in Scotland and to get together as one sporting community.

We let you know the questions in advance (above) so that you can plan your answers. On the day itself, we start about 8.45pm and the questions begin from 9pm.

The questions will be asked, one every 10 minutes from 9pm. Remember to include 'A1' in your answer for Q1 and so on for all six questions. Tag your answer with #SportHour so that everyone can see your contribution.

An example is: 'A1 I recently joined the local hockey team, met some great friends, got fit & now I feel fantastic! #SportHour'

More details on how to get involved can be found on

If you have any other content throughout the month, please share this with us on social media using the hashtag #ChangingLivesThroughSport or contact

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