Statement Regarding Inverness Shinty Club

The Camanachd Association wish to advise that a request was received from Inverness Shinty Club on Wednesday 6th February to withdraw their 1st team from the 2019 Mowi National Division. They requested that they be allowed to join Mowi North Division 1 instead and in the process maintain their second team in Mowi North Division 2.

Inverness Shinty Club have advised that “After reviewing our confirmed list of player pool, it’s absolutely clear that if we maintain the status quo, we will not be able to fulfil the majority of the fixtures for the 2019 season.

This is not a decision that we have taken lightly. Having looked at our stats and the current situation we face with our available player pool, we have had to take a longer term club strategic view”.

The request has been considered by the Competitions Committee and by the Board of Directors. Whilst Byelaw 3.10.3.g states that the CA would be minded to refuse such a request both the Competitions Committee and the relevant Board Directors have most reluctantly agreed to the request in order to sustain the participation of two teams from Inverness.

Inverness will be deducted 8 points when they commence in North Division 1 as per Byelaw 3.10.3.g – copy below.

The consequence regarding the Draft Fixtures which were published recently is that where possible teams in the Mowi National Division scheduled to play Inverness will play the team which previously had no fixture. However as Mowi North Div 1 will now have 11 teams the fixtures have been redrawn.    

As a consequence of the above changes the Publication of the full 2019 Fixture List which was due to be published today has been delayed until Friday 22nd February.


Byelaw 3.10.3.g

Teams are required to participate at the correct level in league & cup competitions. Should a Club request their team to participate at a lower level, the CA shall be minded to refuse such a request.

  • In exceptional circumstances, the CA may agree to a Club’s request for their team to play in a lower league. In these circumstances that team will forfeit 20% of available league points (rounded up to the nearest whole number) and may also face restriction on entry into the cup competitions associated with that league.

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