Strathclyde out for revenge against Edinburgh in Littlejohn University Tournament

Strathclyde President, Andrew Morrison playing for Beauly

With a mere 7 days until the Littlejohn tournament we caught up with Strathclyde President, Andrew Morrison (Beauly) 

How confident are you ahead of the tournament? 

We are reasonably confident going into the Littlejohn this year. We have only suffered a single loss in the last five years at this major competition, which is no easy task. As always, the team are confident to step onto the pitch and maintain the high standard of play that we are known for.  

Who do you think will be Strathclyde’s major challengers?  

Edinburgh are, and have been for many years, our hardest opponents. Strathclyde have lost a few of our best players over the years but Edinburgh seem to be stronger than ever. However, I am confident that the Strathclyde will pull together, regardless of individual experience, and overcome any challenges presented.  

How determined are Strathclyde to regain the trophy after losing out to Edinburgh last year? 

Losing to Edinburgh last year is still very fresh in the minds of our players. Our five-year unbeaten streak was broken but, as demonstrated in the league result, we were still on a par and if not stronger than the Edinburgh team. This year should be one of the best competitions yet between Edinburgh and Strathclyde men.  

What are Strathclyde’s biggest strengths?

The strength in Strathclyde comes from the teamwork and dedication each player has. No one wants to let their team down and always gives 100%. I feel both the men’s and the women’s team support each other and that there is a community feel to the club.

Strathclyde have won the tournament 8 times since 2000 – do you feel extra pressure entering the tournament as favourites?

The pressure is always on for the boys to perform. Nevertheless, the training sessions do well to prepare us for the tournament as it is always a serious game environment. At the end of the day, nothing can fully prepare you for the Littlejohn final and it’s down the individual to keep their nerve and give it their all. Our boys are ready for the final this year and are prepared to take the trophy back to Strathclyde.

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