Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Semi-Final to be played at Mossfield

Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Semi Final venue - Mossfield

Following an abundance of rainfall and additional weather warnings across Scotland, the Camanachd Association received guidance from the Strachurmore Committee that their pitch was unlikely to be playable for Saturday’s (10th August) televised Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup semi-final.  It was therefore with regret that the Camanachd Association had to explore alternative venue options for Saturday’s match between Oban Camanachd and Kyles Athletic. 

Due to the fact that the match is televised any venue selected was required to have the space and facilities to accommodate our delivery partners from BBC, MG ALBA and Nemeton. Part of this process involves a pre-match site visit and the only venues that could meet these criteria at such a late stage and were available on Saturday were Strachurmore, Taynuilt, Inverness and Mossfield.

In the lead up to a televised match of this magnitude factors such as parking, capacity to host, accommodating TV and distance of travel for both teams and supporters are considered as well as the capacity to host a gate. For the above reasons a number of venues were considered and ultimately ruled out for falling at one or more of the above factors.

Following the weather warnings that ruled Strachurmore out the Camanachd Association approached the next most neutral venue in Taynuilt which was also ruled out by the Taynuilt Sports Committee due to the pitch not being playable due to the adverse weather. 

This ultimately left the association with three options.

One option was to play the match at the next available neutral venue. The Bught Park - this was not deemed an appropriate option

The Second option was Mossfield which presents obvious neutrality concerns however following consultation with Kyles Athletic they confirmed having consulted with their players and committee that they would be prefer to waive the aspiration for a neutral venue in order to see the game going ahead.

The third and final option was to postpone the match however this would present numerable clashes and challenges for all involved in hosting the match therefore it was agreed the match would go ahead at Mossfield. 

The Camanachd Association would like to thank all those involved in the lengthy discussions to source a viable option for Saturday’s match and wish both teams the best in what promises to be a fascinating clash with an opportunity to compete for Shinty’s greatest prize for the winner.


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