Tulloch Homes Camanachd Cup Sponsorship

George Fraser with the Camanachd Cup in 1975

We at the Camanachd Association are very proud to have Tulloch Homes involved in sponsoring the Camanachd Cup. We are delighted that George Fraser, CEO of Tulloch Homes took some time out of his day to tell us why they are involved in the sponsorship and what being involved in the shinty community means to them; 

"Tulloch Homes are delighted to be associated with the Camanachd Association .

In  sponsoring the Camanachd Cup it feels a great match for a Company which started in Nairn in 1925 as a small joinery business and has therefore been in existence for over 90 years with its roots remaining firmly in the Highlands to this day.

The Tulloch family owned the business up until 1984 and we have tried to maintain the ethos of a family business as it has grown over the years. As a business we have worked in all the communities involved in the game from the Western Isles and Skye in the north west to Oban and Inverarey in the south West.

Many of our employees are involved in either playing the game at a senior level or involved with clubs - our supply chain of subcontractors and suppliers are taken from the local communities.

Shinty we feel  is therefore part of our DNA.

People sometimes ask what we get out of our sponsorship, we see it slightly differently – we see it as putting something back into the communities we work in via the Camanachd Association. There is a tremendous amount of goodwill attached to the game, as someone who has traveled far out with the shinty communities through my work it is amazing how many people are interested in the game when they are aware you have been involved with it.

The game has so much to be proud of, as sport in general  becomes more and more commercialised ,we have a game truly amateur, unique to Scotland, played in some of the most fragile economic communities but growing in popularity within these communities as can be witnessed by the growth in ladies shinty.

Villages throughout the Highlands have shinty as the main focus, supported by volunteers ,who work tirelessly for their Clubs in so many different ways from essential fund raising to coaching their first team all done for the love of the sport.

As someone who was fortunate to play the game with successful Newtonmore teams in the seventies and eighties I see the game as a national and international treasure which will eventually get recognition as part of world heritage given its uniqueness  in a world (which gets smaller) context.

Everyone at Tulloch Homes relates to our involvement with the Camanachd Cup, from the boardroom to the sites, and whilst we are involved with many other organisations thro charitable donations our relationship with shinty always feels different and  very special.

We are presently working with the CA on another initiative which will be announced shortly.

As the Camanachd Association celebrates its 125th year we would like to wish my very good friend Keith Loades, the President, every success in his term in office  and it feels very appropriate a Highland Company of over 90 years is working with them in sponsoring the Camanachd Cup."

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