UHI Cup 2019

UHI Cup Participants and Coaches

Yesterday (28th March 2019) saw day 1 of the 2019 UHI Cup take place. 

The UHI Cup is a new initiative for this year and has been set up as a result of a partnership which has been formed between the CA and the University of the Highlands and Islands Sports Department. 

All current HNC sports students have been taken through their foundation coaching course, delivered to them by the CA Development Officer. To allow them to gain more knowledge about the game of shinty and see the game in action it was decided to develop and launch a UHI Cup for this year. 

14 teams of primary school aged players from across the North of Scotland yesterday came together. Each team was allocated a newly qualified UHI coach, their role was to get to know the players, take the team for warm ups and cool downs and importantly work with and be mentored by the existing club/school coach or teacher.

All 14 teams will come together again on May 2nd for the finals, with the top 7 teams (based on yesterdays results) competing for the UHI Cup and the bottom 7 teams hoping to be in with a chance of winning the UHI Plate. The students will remain with the same teams for day 2 of the competition and also be involved in selecting players to receive fair play awards. 

Feedback from yesterdays event has been positive, with a number of club/school coaches noting how enthusiastic the UHI students were and how well they got involved with their teams. 

Our thanks go to the UHI Students and Sports Department, to Norman Strachan for doing some filming and making a wonderful video of the days events, Iain Cochrane for taking photos of the day, to Sheena MacKenzie, Jim Bar, Tina Marshall, Iain Hunter, Amber MacKay and Mitchell Leslie for officiating the days games, to Ellie MacKinnon and Ruby Fraser for score keeping, to Maria MacLeod for running the tea stall, to Mike MacLeod for setting up the pitches and to all the coaches, players, clubs and teachers for entering the event and making the day a fantastic one. 

In addition a huge thank you goes to to Graham MacGregor Joinery who kindly agreed to sponsor this event. 

Roll on May 2nd for the finals....

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