WCA sit down with Lorna MacRae and Kirsty Deans

WCA Mowi Valerie Fraser Cup Final 2019

Interview With Lorna MacRae:

How has the journey to the final been?

This year we have had a good run of games in the lead up to the final which has made a great difference to us. 

How confident are you ahead of the final?

We’ve been doing well and been working hard at training so feeling fairly confident going into the game. 

What kind of challenge will Badenoch represent?

Badenoch are a fantastic team and a great bunch of girls who we always have a good game with and regardless of the score there is always a good bit of craic after.  

They have so many prolific players now all our girls will have to be on their toes to keep them in line.  Scott and Iain have done a tremendous job of bringing the team forward.

14 goals in the WCA Valerie Fraser Camanachd Cup this season is a sensational tally give that your nearest competitor is on 7.  How do you maintain such high standards of play?

Thank you.  I train very hard and keep myself very fit.  However, the goals do not come just from me, my team mates contribute towards them so I cannot take the credit for them all.  We all work well as a team and it pays off. 

Are you willing to be daring and predict a score for the final?

 This is such a hard call to make, both teams, I think, are on even par. It will be a very exciting game to watch but too difficult to predict a score. 

What can Skye do differently from last year to ensure that you lift the trophy on Saturday?

This year hopefully we will be a bit more focused.

Interview with Kirsty Deans:

How has the journey to the final been? 

We have had a bit of luck on the way to the final this year, we got a bye in the first round from Dunadd. We were then drawn against local rivals Strathspey who, despite the score line, gave us a competitive game. We prepared well for the game and were delighted to get the result that put us in the final for a second successive year, something that we have never done as a club.

How confident are you ahead of the final?

As a squad we all feel very prepared for the final. We are very fortunate to have two brilliant coaches, Scott Campbell & Iain Robinson, who put in a power of work to ensure we maintain high standards in training and everyone is on the same page with our vision and goals. We are also very lucky to have a great togetherness as a squad and everyone has put in extra work to make sure we will all have the opportunity out to be at our best come cup final day. Finally, we have an excellent captain, Zoe Reid, who has helped drive and motivate everyone which is a massive part of what we are about as a club. 

What do you think about the opposition? What kind of challenge will they represent?

 We are under no illusion that Skye are going to prove a massive challenge to us on Saturday. They have quality right through their team and some very talented players who we must be on the top of our game to match. With a league win each this season we know that the game will likely be decided by small margins and a lot will be down to who can take their chances on the day. We are highly looking forward to the challenge however, we all thoroughly enjoy playing Skye as we know that they will demand us to raise our game and be at our best. 

You have scored 41 goals this season, normally you would expect to be the top scorer in the women’s game – however, Lorna MacRae is slightly ahead of you – do you feel like you will be able to surpass her tally?

I’m very happy with that tally and the majority of those need to be credited to my team mates. We do a lot of work in training around movement up front and creating chances and I’ve just been the fortunate one who’s been in the finishing position. 

Of course, I’d be absolutely delighted to catch up with Lorna and it will certainly be something I will strive towards. She is a very effective finisher, the best in the game as most would agree, and I think it’s great for the sport to have players who can challenge and push each other to be better as that’s very healthy for the game. 

For the rest of the season though, our focus is on team goals and wherever they come from I’ll be delighted!   

Are you willing to be daring and predict a score for the final? 

I don’t think I can tempt fate and put a number on it. I also won’t share a few score lines that have come out in some teammate’s dreams! I just hope that both teams are able to give their best performances on Saturday and as a result the best team will come out on top. Of course, I hope that’s Badenoch and I fully believe we have the capabilities to secure the Valerie Fraser for a second successive year. 

What did Badenoch do so well in the final last year and do you think it will be possible for a repeat performance? 

 We are all aware that last year’s score line flatters us. For anyone who saw the game it was a fierce and very close contest with barely anything separating the 2 teams apart from some exceptional goal keeping on both sides. Both teams had chances and we were pushed all the way to the final whistle by Skye. I think our belief and focus played a big part as we were able to carry a very high level of performance throughout the full 80 minutes and we talked about this in preparation. We have worked hard again this year to ensure we have put in the extra fitness work again that will allow us still be highly effective come the latter stages of the game where last year the game was won. We are very hopeful that with the work that we have put in and the experience we now have from last year that we can produce a performance on a par with last year.

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