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A number of resources are available to support the development of shinty in your community. We have a number of coach and officiating courses to support development and we have also developed a resource for developing core skills in shinty. Shinty Skills Award

This scheme focuses on coaching and developing the “core skills” of Shinty including the ready position, Hitting – Shooting and passing, dribbling, tackling – blocking and cleaking, control, shies and hit ins. 

Alongside the core skills, the participant’s behaviour, attitude, application and understanding will also be monitored as part of the process.

The scheme is broken down to various levels, where an award for completion of a level will be given to individuals. This gives the individual an incentive to work on these basic skills, while at the same time it will provide the coach with useful information and direction on how to structure their practice/training sessions, and will highlight which skills need practiced most regularly within the group.

The scheme shouldn’t be used in isolation, but as an integral part of a coaching programme, so that over time players will be given opportunities to practice their skills, develop sportsmanship and a sense of commitment to the team or group, foster enjoyment, and it will become an effective method of developing technical skill. Each level will be achieved through a mixture of coach’s observations and technical skills tests. These tests don’t always have to be performed in a strict testing environment, they can be built in to drills where the coach will be analysing the performance without the participant knowing they are being tested – the coach has discretion here and should do what he/she feels is best for the individual/group.

Levels of progression

Under 8’s  (P1 – P3) FUNdamentals Phase

Under 10’s (P4 and P5) Play to Learn Phase

Under 12’  (P6 and P7)  Play to Develop Phase

Under 14’s (S1 and S2) Learn to compete Phase Under 17’s (S3 – S5) Train to compete Phase

Clubs could consider their Long Term Player Development structure and a Skills Age Pathway. Click on the links for detailed information.

Core Skills information (Click Link)

Ready Position - Dribbling - Controlling - Passing/Hitting - Tackling - Shies

On line resources:

Coaching Shinty - Shinty is included in the sports coaching website igameplanner which allows coaches to copy and share practices and session plans. The site also offers the opportunity for coaches to set up information on their squad and club.

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