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The Camanachd Association provide clubs, teams and youth and adults access to a policy that has been devised specifically for shinty to meet their insurance needs, at a reasonable cost. The insurance covers public liability, professional indemnity and personal cover at varying levels that can be chosen to best suit individual need. 

Please note that our insurance policies are subject to compliance with Camanachd Association rules and regulations. Any youths leaving school and going into a workplace will have to contact the Camanachd Association to request they would like to purchase adult senior insurance cover if they wish to have any of the benefits that are covered with Senior insurance.   


When making a claim, in the first instance, please contact the Camanachd Association on 01463 715931 or email Astie Cameron with the name of the claimant and their Camanachd Association membership number. From there, the Camanachd Association will pass the information on to the insurer, who will then contact the claimant direct.

For further queries regarding claims please contact Sportsguard on 01604 644277.

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