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Competitions Committee

  • Chair – Keith Loades (Director of Competitions)
  • Role – The committee is responsible for integrating fixtures including postponements, excluding Schools Camanachd and Women’s Camanachd Association competitions.
  • Members – Astie Cameron (Operations Manager), Fraser MacKenzie, Ian Brown, David Calder, Davie Hamilton, John Begg.

Youth Committee

  • Chair – Willie MacDonald (Director of Youth)
  • Role – The committee is responsible for the youth fixture calendar, youth player development, youth byelaws and child protection.
  • Members – Ronald Ross (Regional Development Manager), Katie Drain (Regional Development Officer – North), Euan McMurdo (Regional Development Officer – West), Paul MacArthur (Regional Development Officer – Central), Alasdair Bruce, Lisa MacColl, Fraser Inglis, Colm O’Rua, Iain Morrison, Darren Reid.

Finance Committee

  • Chair – Daniel Palombo (Director of Finance)
  • Role – The committee is responsible for all financial matters including budgeting and management reporting, resources, equipment, IT and income.
  • Members –  Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer), Rhoda Cameron (Finance & Administration Manager), Jim Barr (President) and Keith Loades (Vice President).

Officials Committee

  • Chair – Angus MacVicar (Director of Officials)
  • Role – The committee is responsible for recruitment and training of all assessors and recruitment, training and grading of all referees, goal judges and linesmen and allocation of officials to matches including cup finals.
  • Members – Astie Cameron (Advisory – Operations Manager), Graham Cormack (Advisory – National Development Manager), Jock Turner (Chieftain), Donald Robertson, Ian MacPhee, Billy Maclachlan (CRA).

Communications Committee

  • Chair – Steven MacKenzie (Director of Communications)
  • Role – The committee is responsible for sponsorship, press relations, branding, income generation and communications.
  • Members – Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer)

Coaching Committee

  • Chair – Vacant
  • Role – The committee is responsible for all coaching matters including staff tutors, first aid and coaching course calendar.
  • Members – Graham Cormack, Drew McNeil, Ronald Ross, Neil Bowman

Club and Volunteer Development

  • Chair – Vacant
  • Role – The committee is responsible for Club Development, Child Protection and responsible for all volunteer training requirements from club to board induction within the Camanachd Association.
  • Members – Vacant

Disciplinary Committee

  • Chair – Ian MacPhee
  • Discipline Administrator – Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Role – The Disciplinary Committee shall deal with all matters relating to players, substitutes and Team Managers / Coaches during the course of a match, referred by a Referee; or players, referred by the system of Standard Disciplinary Points.
  • Members – Mary Ann Henton, Donald Robertson, Kenny MacKenzie, Douglas Macdougal

Behaviour in Sport Committee

  • Chair – Donald Skinner
  • Discipline Administrator – Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Role – The Behaviour in Sport Committee deals with all complaints of Misconduct apart from complaints relating to Players, Substitutes and Team Managers / Coaches during the course of a match. Also with Protests lodged and disputes arising in relation to Transfer of Players.
  • Members – Mary Ann Henton, David MacMaster, John MacKenzie, Archie Robertson

Appeals Committee

  • Chair – Agreed by members prior to meetings.
  • Role – The Appeals Committee determines appeals against decisions of the Disciplinary or Behaviour in Sport Committees and determines or make recommendations on disciplinary issues referred to it by the Association.
  • Discipline Administrator – Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Members – Alan Hill, Alastair MacIntyre, George Hendry, Duncan MacPhee.

Representative Committee

  • Chair – Keith Loades (Director of Competitions)
  • Role – The Representative Committee is responsible for the appointment national coaches and the planning of the shinty/hurling internationals.
  • Members – Archie Robertson, Derek Keir (Chief Executive Officer), Astie Cameron (Operations Manager), Ronald Ross, Alan MacRae, Richard Gall, Alice MacRae, Lisa MacColl.

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