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Health & Wellbeing Policy

The Camanachd Association (CA) believe that we need to work towards creating a healthy environment that is inviting to all and which promotes the integration of healthy behaviours and values into the everyday activities of the CA and it’s member Clubs and Associations. We are committed to promoting health and well-being amongst our members and the wider community.

Health and Wellbeing within this policy covers: Fitness – Nutrition – Hydration – First Aid – Concussion - Alcohol & Drugs, Smoking – Mental Health – Anti-Bullying– Community activity

AIM: The aim of this policy is to help support our member Clubs and Associations to become a healthier place for all to enjoy.


  • The CA will facilitate healthy participation in Scotland’s most iconic team sport of Shinty.
  • The CA is age-friendly and caters for our members throughout their lifespan.
  • The CA will hold Health and Wellbeing as a core value – it is everyone’s responsibility and we all play a part.
  • The CA will encourage and support our members to be the healthy heartbeat of their community.
  • The CA will engage with the wider community to build a stronger understanding and implementation of Health and Wellbeing.
  • The CA will strive to set high Health and Wellbeing standards.
  • The CA and its members have a role to play in supporting the physical, mental and social health of the shinty community.
  • The CA will empower our members to enjoy healthier lives and help them to make the healthy choice the easy choice.
  • The CA will leave a legacy that enhances the health of the next generation.
  • The CA encourages and supports its member clubs and associations to be fully inclusive and develop people not just players.

To support this policy and our member clubs and associations the following resources are available as downloads:

The Camanachd Association became a signatory of Scotland's Mental Health Charter for Physical Activity in Sport in June 2018. The Charter is a Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) initiative and is downloadable here. Our Charter Poster is also available for downloading here.

We have a some examples of Mental Health support Info-graphics available below. More are available on request.

1) 20 ways to look after your Mental Health

2) How to respond when someone talks to you about their Mental Health

3) Helpful vs Un helpful things to say to someone experiencing a Mental Health problem

We have examples of Drug awareness information.

1) The truth about drugs: Know the score

2) You, Your Child and Drugs

If you require any assistance please contact the CA office on 01463 715931 

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