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Pitch and Facillities

Pitch Dimensions

Shinty Pitch Specification -The pitch dimensions can be up to 155m long by 73m wide. Although some developmental competitions for children and young people take place indoors, or outdoors on artificial surfaces, shinty is primarily an outdoor sport played on a natural grass surface. The playing area is much larger than for other outdoor team sports such football (soccer), rugby or field hockey. 


Facilities Strategy : 2017-22

Case Study - Kilmallie Shinty Club Changing Pavilion

Project Guidance From Sport Scotland

Facility Development

Asset Transfer


Facility Management


COVID - 19 

The Camanachd Association would like to bring your attention to the facilities advice and guidance on the sportscotland webpage.  It has been compiled from several sources with a view to assisting clubs in this stage of lockdown to minimise the impact on getting back to play sport.

This will be helpful for clubs in decommissioning their facilities where possible to minimise risk and cost when getting back to sport. It should be emphasised that any one going out should do so under the Scottish Government guidance on social distancing.

Update regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Support available to clubs and community sport organisations page -  

sportscotland are currently working on guidance on getting clubs facilities ready to play sport. They are collating advice and guidance for the main work areas that clubs will need to carry out to get their facilities fit for sport after lockdown. The timing of issuing this is important as it must be early enough for clubs to prepare, but not too early that we induce people to break lockdown early.

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