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Rules and Regulations

The Byelaws provide the rules and regulations of the game of shinty.

Rules of Play and Playing Season

Byelaw 1 provides details on the layout of the pitch, the number of players, the ball and other equipment, referees and other officials, duration of the game, throw ups, scoring, fouls and offences, offside, corners, hit-ins, penaltys’ and sets out the length of a normal season.

Rules of Camanachd Cup

Byelaw 2 details the rules of this competition and also forms the template for other competitions unless there are specified differences.

Competition Regulations and Procedures

Byelaw 3 sets out the rules of how competitions are run by the Camanachd Association. It includes details relating to postponements, abandonment of matches, re-scheduling, what happens if a match isn’t played (other than related to a postponement), use of team lines, protests and current rules around the transfer of players.

It also covers semi-finals, replays, extra time, penalty play offs, eligibility for competitions and rules for promotion and relegation in league competitions.

Competition for children and young people

Byelaw 4 provides details relating to shinty for younger players. It includes a definition of child or young person, information on the wearing of helmets, variations in relation to the competition rules for youth shinty (including Under 12 6 a side, Under 14 9 a side, Under 14 12 a side) and eligibility to enter the different youth competitions.

Codes of conduct

Byelaw 5 provides a code of conduct for Board members, club officials, coaches, referees, parents and spectators.

It covers the principles of partnership in shinty and the duty of care and then specific codes for coaches, players, parents, spectators, referees.

The Camanachd Association Equality Policy is available here.

Child Protection and Procedures

Byelaw 6 sets out the Camanachd Association’s rules in relation to Child Protection including principles, rights and procedures.

Anti Doping Policy

Byelaw 7 clearly states that the Association is opposed to the use of prohibited drugs in the game and the procedures that will apply to this area.

Discipinary Rules

Byelaw 8 covers the need for discipline but indicates that the rules are set out in a document entitled “Rules for Disciplinary Procedures“.

Committee Remits

Byelaw 9 sets out the option available to the Board to set up specific committees to help develop and take forward its’ work.

Procedures for candidate selection to the Board

Byelaw 10 sets out guidance on the procedures that will be adopted by the Association to elect new Board members.

Standing orders for the conduct of Board of Directors and Committees

Byelaw 11 covers points of conduct relating to meetings.

Consultation Procedures

Byelaw 12 provides an option on which to base consultation with members.

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