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Coaching Certificates It is essential for the benefit of any shinty player that they have quality coaching. Coaches come from all backgrounds and can get involved at a number of levels and with different ages of player. Once involved in coaching there are opportunities to develop further. By getting on the coaching ladder, individuals have the opportunity to progress up through the various Camanachd Association coaching qualifications while constantly enhancing their skills and knowledge. This will not only improve the ability of the individual but also the performance and enjoyment of the team. Being involved in player development through coaching can bring great benefit to the person who is coaching as well as to the players whom he or she is coaching. So much can be learned whilst coaching, whether it be through working with other coaches and learning from them, or coaching different groups of players with mixed abilities. A successful coach should always be open to new ideas and want to continually improve their individual skills and knowledge of the game. The Camanachd Association courses will offer the perfect solution to all coaches who aim to improve their skills, knowledge, experience and enjoyment of the game. For further information please contact Natasha Andean at

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